Brand positioning as the word suggests is a way of how you differentiate yourself or your brand from your competitors and how those potential buyers or customers identify and connect with your brand or company. Branding or more often brand positioning comprises the key values and qualities or traits that are synchronous with your brand.

Brand positioning can be represented using various means including tone of the brand and the voice of your branding, visual design is one if the primary element of branding, a good branding agency can help a brand develop its marketing strategy and positioning strategy.

The positioning also helps consumers with certain questions like why should they choose your brand over your competitor’s brand or product or even services.
A good branding company can help a brand with all the queries regarding brand positioning and branding strategy. As a brand owner it’s always good referring to a professional branding service agency when it comes to positioning your brand.
Branding companies perform market research and are quite aware about the ever changing dynamic market to understand your brand effectively and help you with the best branding service for your brand be it a service or a product.

Branding companies can help a brand with their brand message, setting up of tone and voice of the brand. A good branding company can help your brand with accurate positioning of the brand in a marketplace for the type of consumers you would like to attract.

Here are few examples of companies with some amazing and most effective branding


Tesla is heavily focused on the quality of their products, tesla is a luxury brand that’s expensive than their counterparts. One of the strategy of tesla is that they leave price out of their branding and focus on the quality of their cars.
Tesla differentiates itself from other standard electric cars because their cars are superior quality and have a longer range.


Apple would be a perfect example if string branding. They make beautiful devices, innovative products that are different from their competitors that connect with their consumers.

Apple is a textbook example of good branding, they have a strong branding language and identity which resonates with the buyers of apple products.
Just like Tesla, Apple leaves price out of their branding and instead focuses on the quality of the product.


When Nike started their product range, their focus was majorly directed towards performance and innovation. Their product offerings have now moved beyond shoes and they have built a community around their brand.

The tagline for nike “Just Do It” is focused on empowerment and the name is associated with Grrek Goddess of Victory.Their models aren’t smiling or happy but rather doing physical activities with their game faces on.

Nike’s brand is primarily focused on the concept of innovation for hardcore athletes to help them perform at thrie best every single time.

These companies have their brand positioning represent the key value of their offerings and most of them are customer centric. They all have differentiated themselves from their competitors through effective means of brand positioning.
Strong brands are more successful because they align or resonate with a portion of their market better than anyone else.

Your brand is how your consumers feel about you, It’s the emotion and experience that lasts. Working with emotions is intricate work, and we at Loud Mob Media accomplish this with a focus on rich storytelling with relevant and meaningful content. We at Loud Mob Media go beyond just the face value, we identify your brand DNA and clarify core values to magnify what you stand for. We give your brand a recognizable face that is relevant, articulate and stunning! We have worked with brands from India, USA, United Kingdom, GCC countries, Australia and many other countries all across the globe. From strategy to inception, we launch visions backed by powerful designs to build brands that are seen, felt and heard. We build fresh and visually-dynamic brands on the backbone of data-driven strategies that stand the test of time and are trendsetters.

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