7 Bare Essentials of Business Branding

A powerful business branding is not only about having a great looking logo, it is also about creating an everlasting image of your brand in the minds of your target consumer.

Seventy Two percent of marketers say advertising is not as effective as branded content, an accent color for a brand identity can increase brand recognition by 80 percent through branding.

Even business to business marketing leaders and experts say that branding is essential to their growth.

Here are some tips which you need to follow in order to stand out your competitor and generate ever lasting trust and loyalty with your target customers.

Identify your target audience or your target consumer

It’s very important to target a niche This means you must know their demographics thoroughly,you must know their age, gender region etc. Try to tailor your brand’s services or products along with the brand message specific to your target audience needs. Hiring a branding company can help you mould your branding specific to that particular demographics and that particular segment.

Create a consistent branding language

Branding language plays an important role in creating singularity with the brand looks and feel.

Make sure your branding is uniform across different mediums and platforms wherever you are present.

Your branding can be friendly or professional depending on how well it clicks with your target audience. A professional branding company can help in creating a consistent branding language.

Create an amazing logo

Your company will definitely need an amazing logo design, something which has a long lasting recall value. Every element of its design must convey a friendly and positive message, and at the same time also conveys your brand message and brand story like it should be told. Loud mob media as a branding and packaging company has been doing brand stories for brands from multiple industries and you can check out some of their work here.

Give away branded content

You may want to reach more potential customers as you grow, the best way to go about it is to give away tons of goodies and tons of branded merchandise to your potential clients, the branding on the content or merchandise will help in creating a stronger recall value, and will get people talking about it. Giveaway is a game changing strategy when it comes to expansion of branding to a bigger demographic.

Develop a mission statement:

Support your brand or your company with a mission statement. Your brand needs to convey a strong brand message, convey a powerful story to convince the target audience on why they need your services or your products and what was your inspiration in creating them. Your company mission statement should be bold, loud and clear, loud mob media as a branding company in India has been helping companies or brands with disruptive and meaningful mission statements.

Go for a singular niche

Never tell others that you are an expert in multiple services, always have niche products and services which caters to a singular demographic and singular segment and singular mission statement.

Aim for trustworthy customer relationship

An honest brand which is honest with their mission statement attracts long lasting customer relationships. Stay true to what you are selling and what your products are. Always have a great branding story to support that honestly.

Branding at Loud Mob Media

Your brand is how your consumers feel about you, It’s the emotion and experience that lasts. Working with emotions is intricate work, and we accomplish this with a focus on rich storytelling with relevant and meaningful content. We go beyond just the face value, we identify your brand DNA and clarify core values to magnify what you stand for. We give your brand a recognizable face that is relevant, articulate and stunning! We have worked with brands from India, USA, United Kingdom, GCC countries, Australia and many other countries all across the globe. From strategy to inception, we launch visions backed by powerful designs to build brands that are seen, felt and heard. We build fresh and visually-dynamic brands on the backbone of data-driven strategies that stand the test of time and are trendsetters.

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