About Us

Projecting the course upon which varied industries in the world would emerge in the coming years demands a comprehensive analysis of recent happenings that showcase the undertakings of local players as well as global industry leaders. The online web remains a vast expanse for sourcing industry news and market updates but ends up delivering an ambiguous overload of information for common readers and subject matter experts, both. From the umpteen number of industry news articles that get published at any time of the day, selecting those that are ripe for factoring a reformative change in a particular industry – is not an easy job!

The Glamorous Lifestyle earnestly bears this responsibility and serves millions of online readers with hand-picked news on multiple industrial sectors. Writers working for The Glamorous Lifestyle are not only consistently updated on the designated industry but have the prowess to identify stories that will have an enduring impact on the dynamics of that industry. Qualitative segregation of updated news articles and blogs ensures that readers of The Glamorous Lifestyle are offered nothing but the cream of the crop. This gives The Glamorous Lifestyle valiant recognition, which is far more distinctive than being just another news portal on the World Wide Web.

If you have to define us, The Glamorous Lifestyle is an online platform developed to amalgamate the latest news & updates provided by bloggers, columnists, and journalists working across diverse industrial verticals. The website showcases top industry news and crucial updates on multiple enterprise precincts such as Business, Technology, Healthcare, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Science, Politics, Sport, Markets, and Trends.

We also believe in exhibiting stories or happenings that have incurred ample weightage in the industry and have the potential to influence industry leaders towards underlying strategic measures for expanding and improving their businesses.