How to find the right creative design agency for your new brand

You have been hustling, working hard on your new brand, and now you are a proud owner of a small enterprise. Here comes the hard part, how to attract loyal customers and have them coming for more. For a start you will need an eye catching logo and for that you will need a creative design agency. You might want to save some extra bucks by creating your logo yourself and forego the cost of hiring a creative design agency. Having a right creative design agency working on the face value of the company is an essential for all service and product based companies. Here are few things to keep in mind while you are looking for a right creative design agency for your new brand.

Figure out some references / examples of work that supports your business

It starts with deciding on a creative design style that reflects your brand, deciding on a creative design style can be quite a taxing task. It’s important to consider brands goals and objectives before approaching a creative design agency.You will need to consider primary brands objectives and work with an agency in a direction which is most suitable for your brand’s progress. Brainstorming with the stakeholders about the ideas, vision can be a good starting point and will get the creative juices flowing.

Make a great Moodboard

A good mood board is quite a perfect way to start, use these following websites to create a mood board for your creative design project. : Discover the world’s top designers and creative professionals : Behance is a digital platform that helps people with web design, showcase their portfolio of design work and visual graphics, fashion, illustrations, photography etc : Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas that are always fresh and something to get inspired from.

Decide on the role models, do your research about the market.

A thorough research is needed about the market, you can make a list of companies you admire. This will help in creating a visual image of how you perceive your brand to be. This will also help in positioning a brand. Positioning a brand in a marketplace is an essential part while going for a creative design agency for your creative and new age brand.

Start your search for a creative design agency.

You have done your research and now you are ready to search for a perfect creative design agency which is well capable of delivering what your brand deserves.

Google is a good way to look for a creative design agency but it’s flooded with results from all around the world. Some of the google results will be relevant and some of them can also be promotional ads running on google.

Explore Dribbble

Dribbble is a great tool when it comes to looking for designers or creative design agencies.Dribbble can also be a place for inspiration for exploring design ideas

Ask your friends, word of mouth is the way to go.

Ask your friends in business or personal circles about creative design companies they have worked with. It’s always better to go ahead with someone who is trusted and has gotten creative design work done.

Check profiles on Instagram and other social media networks.

Companies often post design work on their socials, Instagram is a good place to look for company profiles and see what they have been creating for their clients.
This will also give you an idea about the creative element of a design agency.

Always check for testimonials

Good companies will have good testimonials to support their creative design work. If a company has a handful of good testimonials it’s a brilliant idea to go ahead with that creative design agency.

Narrow down your selection

After you are done checking out companies for your next creative design project it’s important you narrow down your options to few companies, you can outsource your work to companies in countries like India or other asian countries.You may want to pick a country in similar geography depending on the interaction and trust factor.

Creativity injected into visuals is storytelling at its best. Your brand goes beyond the way you look, and that’s why we at Loud Mob Media probe deeper to create designs that articulate your brand’s essence and build emotional resonance. We at Lod Mob Media combine design thinking, market insights and imagination to create hyper-rich designs that are scroll-stopping, head-turning and awe-inspiring. With a focus on visual storytelling, we make designs with context that speak your audience’s language. We convey your brand message with precision and clarity with the help of meaningful content that helps increase your brand recall value. We create designs that are only good looking, but also rich, dynamic and share-worthy at every touchpoint.

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