Top 5 Creative Design Agencies That Are Disruptive and New Age

In a world which is digital first, as a brand, brand manager or marketer it is paramount that you find yourself a creative design agency which is adaptive, modern and fresh! An agency that understands your needs, demographic, market and comes up with creative and innovative solutions for all your digital needs. 

What is creative design and why you need it!

Creative design can be defined as visual content that arouses feelings in consumers and makes them want to find out more about the brand, while relating with the brand and becoming followers in the process. Creative design agencies leverage data about the market, your competition and your target audience, to come up with designs that are tailor made to give the exact message you are trying to send to your consumers and customers.

There are a lot of creative design agencies out there, but there were a few that caught our attention with the kind of work they have been doing for their clients, the quality of their designs and the new age perspective they bring to all their undertakings. Here are our top 5 favourite creative design agencies that are loud and disruptive to say the least!

Loud Mob Media

A young and innovative design studio located in Pune and Bangalore, India, Loud Mob Media has been putting out some amazing and eye-catching content and never cease to amaze with their creative designs. They have a host of services right from Branding, Logo Designs, 3D/VFX, Animations, Illustrations, Website and mobile application design and development. Like a one stop shop for all your needs, they have a dedicated team of designers, developers and motion experts who can do everything you throw at them. You can have a look at their work here 

Design Bitches

An architecture based design firm from Los Angeles, California, they bring a bold and irreverent vision to their designs and their aim is to make architecture significant in our daily lives. With their creative outlook they create spaces while drawing inspiration from duos’ eclectic expertise for their work with branding, interior design for commercial spaces, residential and cultural buildings. 

Studio Size

A visual and motion design studio located in Zagreb, Croatia, they work with less brands and pay attention to detail. They have a plethora of services ranging from brand strategy, visual design, videography, campaigns and art direction. With a creative team and a list of strong clients under their belt, they are sure to bridge the gap between creativity and audience acquisition.

A design and communication studio located in Charleroi, Belgium, Reed is known for their branding strategies, website and mobile application designs couples with visibility boosting solutions. They work with digital designs and sound strategies to find the best solutions to your advertising and promotional needs.


Starfish is a design agency located in Brooklyn, New York and are a team of creative fish looking to breathe creativity in a cluttered and crowded space. They focus on visual experiences that are strong conceptually, have strong production and an even better post production game. With a small team of designers they come up with the visual ideas that have a high recall value and are attention worthy!

With this brief list, we hope we helped you better understand how creative design agencies are far superior to your run of the mill studios. You can get a unique perspective with any of these agencies and you can be sure that they will all go above and beyond to give your brand that extra edge needed to engrave your brand values and position into the consumers mindset. 

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