Types of creative agencies

In this article we will be talking about various types of creative agencies, a creative agency doesn’t just mean a design agency. A creative agency offers a variety of services for their clientele. It can be a combination of services or they could cater to a niche industry offering fewer services.

The way each creative agency is designed is based on what services they have as an offering for their clients. A creative agency can have graphic design as the main aspect of their offerings or it could be a variety of added services on top of the main service.

Here are few examples of how we can classify a creative agency

Full service creative digital agency

This type of agency will offer the clients a full creative approach to their company or their brand. They definitely include creative design as one of their services along with marketing and advertising as one of the primary services.

Creative Digital Agency

Digital agencies do not focus entirely on marketing and advertising, rather they focus on getting the brands online on a digital platform, they deal with how a brand can make a mark online and create a face value worthy enough of getting customer attention.

They focus on creating an online profile which is insync with the brand identity and follows brand visual guidelines on digital platforms.

Creative Design Agency

A creative design agency focuses on creating good looking hyper rich graphics for the client’s brand. They are involved in the creation of graphical assets like brochures, digital media content, visual graphics etc.
Design plays an important role in story telling for a brand, attracting potential customers and creating a recall value for a brand.

Creative Interactive design agency

Interactive creative agencies focus on creating digital graphical content for client’s from various industries. They focus on creation for website design assets and other information technology assets for a brand. They are primarily into the development of website design UI design for apps and websites. They are an expert for web interface design and user experience design.

Creative Advertising agency

Advertising agencies work on creation of advertising and marketing strategies for a brand, keeping into considerations brands visual identity and core values. Digital ads have to be targeted towards a niche and have to align with brand’s marketing principles.
They generally have an inhouse design team to help them with design assets and sometimes outsource their design work to design agencies for a better output.

So in order to hire a creative agency for your brand, you will need to understand what is your brand’s requirement, your target demographics, can a creative agency help you will all the services you need and also the experience a creative design company has working for the brands in similar segments.

For a good insight on a creative agency you can refer to online profiles available on platforms like dribbble or pintrest or even behance. Most of these creative agencies have their portfolio available online for better understanding of the type of work these agencies have done in the past.

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