Why is Branding Important For Your Company

What is branding?

Branding can be simply defined as the art of presenting a name, logo or design theme which can be easily associated with your company and all it’s communications. Everything right from your advertising, logo design, brand name, marketing and brand graphics and communications form an integral part of your brand, how it is perceived and what it is remembered for.

Why is branding important?

Branding is one of the most important aspects utilised to increase awareness about a product, service and even an entire organisation. As an owner, CEO or marketing manager, it is critical that your branding is in line with your brand and the ideals you hope to achieve or follow. Branding done right can change how people perceive your company, while driving more business, increasing brand awareness and adding fans that relate and look out for you.

Branding makes your company recognisable

One of the most important outcomes of going ahead with strong branding is that it increases your brand recall value and makes it easily distinguishable from the rest. This in turn helps consumers and customers recognise your brand and relate to it on a more personal level.

Branding drives business

Having a face that is associated with your brand increases the value of your brand on the market with improved perception and market standing. It will help drive new customers, business and establish your company as an authentic and marketable organisation. Increased market recognition makes it easy for your brand to market itself and do even more effective sales.

Branding is essential both internally and externally

A good brand presence and established brand image will help your standing both inside and outside your organisation with more and more customers trusting your brand and employees having faith in the company and the direction in which it’s headed. A good workplace sprouts from good branding. That is why companies spend a lot of time, money and effort on establishing a brand.

Branding can change your entire image

With a productive and public rebranding, companies change the way people think about them and can completely alter their image in the market and in the eyes of potential customers and business partners. For example BP changed their age old logo to adapt a new image of being green, friendly and approachable. With a logo change that will go down in history as one of the most expensive rebrandings, the company saw an upward trend in their image and business handlings that has evolved even more over the years.

Branding supports Advertising

For advertising and promotions to work, the most integral and important step is to establish a strong and credible branding for your company. This helps create trust in the market and when consumers or businesses come across your advertisements, they can easily distinguish it from the rest and remember it with ease. So if you are looking to launch a new brand or go for a revamp of your current company image, it is of utmost importance to get your branding right.

The concept of branding itself began in the 1940s and has been evolving ever since. We here at Loud Mob Media have had the opportunity to work with several new age and young brands from various industries, multiple countries and each with its own set of specific demographics. We have worked with brands from industries like FMCG, FnB, retail, e-commerce, novelty gifting and cyber security. We understand the importance of branding and how it can go a long way in fortifying the notion behind a brand, it’s message and what the brand is all about.

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